“As discussed by David Cowlard, static media imagine architecture frozen in a singular moment in time – that of the day of its contractual practical completion. This media has no place for the consideration of duration, of consumption beyond production. Stuck in that instant, the architecture represented cannot be affected by temporal forces: raindrops don’t fall, footsteps don’t imprint, stain, or wear, shadows don’t move, wind doesn’t blow, doors don’t slam, paint doesn’t peel. When included, people are fixed, trapped in the instant of the perfect, complete building.”
– Daniel Maudlin and Marcel Vellinga (Eds.) 
Cowlard, David. ‘Why Does it Never Rain in the Architectural Review?’ In Maudlin, Daniel. (Ed.), Vellinga, Marcel. (Ed.). Consuming Architecture: On the occupation, appropriation and interpretation of buildings. London: Routledge, 2014
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