HD Video, Stereo Sound, 2'15" (2021)

A steady stream of people head down the hill. An ambulance arrives, without urgency but never the less a reminder of the potential problems of the night ahead. Kids, burger trailers and hotdogs. A family night out in the golden glow. This was supposed to be the final night. But a last minute agreement meant that things would continue, to the annoyance of the new neighbours who had bought cheap then immediately complained that the noise was keeping prices low. 
One quarter of a mile. 1320 feet or 402 metres. It’s actually 428 metres, but the meaning rests with the imperial measurement. The quarter mile was the distance of a block. Red light to red light, that was the challenge. Formalised and legalised it became the strip. Then the oval. It is the speedway
2021 National Contemporary Art Award – Finalist 
Waikato Museum Sept 2021 – Feb 2022
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